On Thursday 28 of May 2009, Josce wrote:
> When I opened the link and tried to download the script some other
> page opened up that wanted me to do something. Sadly I don't know what.
> A howto in Czech is totally useless to me. I really can't understand a word
> of it. (No offense to the Czech's, I don't think a howto in Finnish would
> be terribly helpfull for someone from the Czech republic ...)
> But if the script is the same as I found at
> http://reelbox-forum.com/showthread.php?t=16436 it will not help, because
> it didn't work for me.
You can go into the script and see what it is doing. I've used it in this way. 
Then (after understanding the script) you can use patches attached. 

Or you can go to http://www.vdr-portal.de/board/board.php?boardid=85 - it is 
german vdr forum. There you can find a lot of patches too and it is not in 
Czech but in German - I don't know if it is better for you, but could be. I 
know that Czech is not widely understanded as many other languages ;) .



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