Reinhard Nissl wrote:
> Hi,
> Magnus Hörlin schrieb:
>> I have to agree that the vdpau deinterlacers are better than the tvtime 
>> ones, including the temporal only deinterlacer that is used for 1080i. 
>> But it is as you say a little annoying that paused images are not 
>> deinterlaced. I use the ION platform with 9400M.
> Well, the attached patch is better than nothing but a better
> approach would be to render both fields into a single surface
> before displaying them. At the moment, both fields are rendered
> separately.
> Bye.
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Well, it's A LOT better than nothing. Reinhard, you are a true hero. Now 
if only ffwd/rew/skip would be as smooth with vdr-xine as it is with 
xineliboutput... Anyway, your xinelib-1.2 vdpau patches are brilliant. 
I've used every one of them since day one.
/Magnus H

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