I mean if I press Info and get the current EPG ("Now"), it would be nice a
one-key way to see what is "Next" on this same channel.

At the moment when you are looking at "Now" and want to see what is "Next" you
have to press Exit, then down, then Ok (3 key presses)

Since "Left" and "Right" are used for scrolling, perhaps the PrevChannel key
could be assigned to switch between "Next" and "Now"

On 30.05.2009 18:41, marti...@embl.de wrote:
> When looking at a given channels EPG ?Now? one click access to ?Next
> ? would
> be nice.

What exactly do you mean?
The green button does switch between "Now" and "Next" in the "Schedule"

> In Enigma (As a reference) this is implemented with left and right (going f
> rom
> now to next and back)

"Left" and "Right" are used to scroll up and down, respectively, in VDR.


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