Dear list,

there has been some talk about the new ION chipset from NVIDIA on this
list [1]. Intel also published a board which is said to be very
promising for SD (standard definition) material [2] (at least with the
FRC (frame rate control) patches [3].

So what about the VIA VX855 chipset [4] as the basis for a multimedia
platform? VIA publishes the docs and it looks like it will even be
supported by coreboot [5][6].

I know it depends on what you need (SD or HD and so on). But I searched
for »vx855 vdr«, »vx855 xbmc«, »vx855 mythtv« on the WWW and did not get
meaningfull results. Or is the problem, that there are no boards
available yet?

What do you think?




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