Il 26/05/2009 15:13, Ales Jurik ha scritto:
On Tuesday 26 of May 2009, Fabio Bordin wrote:
Il 25/05/2009 20:19, Goga777 ha scritto:
I have this card and recently I reinstall my system.

The card is recognized from kernel 2.6.28 so you don't need to patch
dvb driver.

My vdr, with recent s2api dvb driver, don't use this card.
Vdr find the card but can't tune any channel. Femon plugin show me
always 0% signal while kaffeine can tune channels.

Maybe I missed something, I'm investigating.

Beside, with my older system I never used dvb-t tuner in vdr.
I have no problem with this card and dvb-s2 drivers from Igor
Liplianin's hg together with vdr-1.7.7. I'm not using dvb-t.

I have installed s2-liplianin-2866ecb5e66b.tar.bz2 from - it is not current
tip, but no need to update.
I have no problem with hvr4000 and dvb-s2/s channels
I'm using the Igor Liplianin's hg repo and I am not using dvb-t.

Last night I understood why I was not able to use the card with VDR: I'm
using a 64-bit.

I tried the same firmware and drivers in a 32-bit os and everything
worked correctly.

No problem here - working for more than one year at 64bit Debian (Sid->Lenny-
I finally find out what was wrong with my system: extension patch 77 for vdr 1.7.0 put ko my hwr4000. With this patch applied (vdr-1.7.0-ext_h264-s2ng-speedup.diff) to a vanilla 1.7.0 source hwr4000 won't work.
On same system, vdr 1.6.0 and 1.7.7 work well.
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