Nicolas Huillard schrieb:
> Gerald Dachs a écrit :
>> VDR User schrieb:
>>> VDR + hdtv has been pretty stable for me for some time now.  The few
>>> problems I ran into (with VDPAU) were quickly fixed by the xine-vdpau
>>> devs.  I'm not the only one either, I know a bunch of guys doing the
>>> same.  It's a highly discussed topic and I'm honestly surprised to
>>> hear someone suggest it's in an unstable/crashing/unusable state.  My
>>> experience has been basically the opposite of that.  I would recommend
>>> you make sure to have a nice good signal, proper configurations, etc.
>> I agree with VDR User, I use it for months now without problems.
> Could you please both detail a bit the DVB sources, software versions,
> plugins, patches, etc. related to HD, that you actually use now ?
> (DVB-T, DVB-S or S2, DVB kernel patches, VDR core, xineliboutput or xine
> plugin, xinelib patches...)

DVB-C, stock Jaunty kernel, vdr 1.6.0 + extension patch v72 + h264 patch,
nvidia-driver 180.60, xine-lib 1.2 + vdpau patch r262 + crop patch v5,
xineliboutput 1.0.4 + crop patch v5, vdr-sxfe

> Maybe there is an english howto somewhere ?

Here it is: install jaunty and add the packages from my repository, but there is no support
from me. I have not enough time.


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