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> Subject: Re: [vdr] Any really working HD video output systems for VDR?
> At the moment I have a running system with one s2-3200, vdr1.7.5,
> extensions patch, reelbox3, filebrowser,xinemediaplayer (took me about
> a
> weekend of fiddling with patches, drivers, small corrections to the
> reel code, lurking the german boards and swearing, lots of swearing)
> and some other plugins, hd output on the eHd is really nice, I am not
> so happy with the quality of SD output either at native resolution or
> scaled to 1080i .... the non scaled quality is in my opinion much worse
> than what I have on my FF card, and the scaled quality depends on the
> media, but it is generally bad, in my opinion.

Reelbox eHD DA is poor, so there is no any reason to use analog output. HDMI 
output is ok, but there is couple items to remember: chipset have only one 
scaler/video processor. So if analog output is active, video is for it. HDMI 
gets same -> video is not pixel to pixel, it is always scaled! To get right 
quality out of HDMI, turn off analog output completely.

Second issue is caused by HDMI itself, there is very few displays with 
576i/480i support. With HDMI eHD reads display capabilities and end result is 
most of cases 576P/480P even that ui tels 576i/480i. eHD internal processing 
for i->P is poor, so SD looks quit bad.

When you get combination where eHD outputs pixel to pixel 576i (or what native 
resolution of video is) signal over HDMI/DVI and TV scales it properly, quality 
is perfect. Much beter than FF card with RGB, it is clear with comparison how 
DA-AD process lost one bit of every color channels.

If reelbox-3 plugins would work better (working FF/FR, no delays on replay 
commands) it is the best video output currently. It outputs original 
video/audio as it is with out micro stuttering.

Here is proper settings for eHD, when you have HDMI/DVI display and it support 
all resolutions (576i, 720p and 1080i in Europe)

Output: HDMI
Analog Output: off
Display Type: 16:9
Aspect Rations: Fill to Aspect
Resolution: 1080
Refresh Rate: 50Hz
Deinsterlacer for SDTV: Off
Resolution change: Media resolution
OSD scaling: Fill to screen

With proper display, digital video is now 1:1 on pixel/frame level.


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