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>That said, while I agree that for still images and for videos with very
>small amounts of panning the eHd image is much better (color definition,
>sharpness) in all other cases , and much more evident with low bitrate
>streams (that alas are almost the norm with Sky Italy), the mpeg
>rendering of the FF card is much more smooth than the eHd, the eHD also
>has problems with the rendering of white lines and/or characters (jagged
>lines, blurry borders) .

I have not seen those kinds issues with eHD card. But I use on my setup
video processor (DVDO VP30 with abt102) for deinterlacing and scaling to

I can get jagged lines when I use eHD own deinterlacer, it seems to miss
field detection sometimes. Also TV:s own deinterlacer seems to lost half of
resolution when video is 576i when comparing to DVDO.

Are you absolutely sure that signal is 576i on HDMI? What TV tells about
video? It can be that also Mitsubishi sends 576P signal. True 576i/486i
support is rare on HDMI devices, specification recommend always to use at
least 576P, sd resolutions are possible but not recommended.. This is same
also on my own tv, it do not support officially 576i. But with suitable
devices I can feed 576i HDMI to it and it works. Normal BD player and eHD
refuses to send 576i to it and end result is 576P even that source is in
576i mode by ui.


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