Marcel Witte wrote: 
> So ext4 seems to be perfect for a video-partition, but to make it more 
> perfect, it would be nice if VDR could use the fallocate()-systemcall as 
> mentioned in the article. This would prevent fragmentation in the file system.

a) i wouldn't fully trust ext4 for a few more months at least (for a system
   partition, which you can toss and easily rebuild it's probably ready,
   for a large, not otherwise backuped, data collection it may not yet be)
b) fallocate is relatively new, so you'd require a new libc and kernel
   (same reason i used fadvise and not sync_file_range)
c) libc w/o proper kernel/fs support can emulate fallocate by prewriting zeros
   to every single block -- not likely what you'd want; this makes above (b)
   even more relevant.


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