the epgsearch plugin handles some tasks as separate threads, that also 
use SVDRP to talk to VDR. Currently these threads are started after a 
fixed time (e.g. 20s) to give VDR the time to start up.
A user reported that epgsearch fails in SVDRP communication, because VDR 
was still waiting for its devices (and therefore is not yet ready to 
accept SVDRP connections):

Jun  3 20:07:40 vdr vdr: [3466] not all devices ready after 30 seconds

These 30 seconds are only defined in vdr.c and are therefore 'invisible' 
to plugins. So I'm looking for 'clean' way to check if VDR is up and ready.
Of course, one could do any SVDRP command, e.g. 'help', and check the 
result, but thats quite cumbersome.
Next idea: use cPlugin::Housekeeping() to signal the threads that VDR is 
idle now after startup. This works, but sometimes takes up to >90s.
Any idea how to get a better solution?



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