Date: Sun, 7 Jun 2009 19:30:34 +0200
From: Gerald Dachs <>
Subject: Re: [vdr] repeat vol key
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I use the remote that comes with the Hauppagge S2-HD (and hence connected to the
card itself) lirc connects to this remote

This is part of my /etc/lircd.conf
 name  NOVA-HD-S2
 bits           16
 eps            30
 aeps          100

 one             0     0
 zero            0     0
 pre_data_bits   16
 pre_data       0x1
 gap          199999
 min_repeat 1
 toggle_bit      1

Am Sun,  7 Jun 2009 19:01:00 +0200

in /etc/vdr/remote.conf
I have (among others) these two entries:

LIRC.Volume+    VolumeUp
LIRC.Volume-    VolumeDown

My wife complains that to increase the volume she has to press many
times VolumeUp rather than simply hold it down.

Is there something I can do to make her happy?

Recently I have read about some simple USB IR receivers that don't send
the toggle bit that lirc needs to recognize the hold of a button.
I suppose you use one of them, because normally it works like your wife
expects. So I believe you should exchange the IR receiver.

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