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> I have not seen those kinds issues with eHD card. But I use on my setup
> separate
> video processor (DVDO VP30 with abt102) for deinterlacing and scaling to
> 1080P.

Well, your setup is a little different than what I have.

> I can get jagged lines when I use eHD own deinterlacer, it seems to miss
> even/odd
> field detection sometimes. Also TV:s own deinterlacer seems to lost half of
> resolution when video is 576i when comparing to DVDO.
> Are you absolutely sure that signal is 576i on HDMI? What TV tells about
> video? It can be that also Mitsubishi sends 576P signal. True 576i/486i
> support is rare on HDMI devices, specification recommend always to use at
> least 576P, sd resolutions are possible but not recommended.. 

I am reasonably sure since it is a supported resolution in the VPR
manual, and it is the listed resolution on the VPR on screen display.

At this point there can be three different explanations:

1 - the internal scaler of my VPR behaves differently when it receives
576i from the s-video port and the HDMI port

2 - I'm doing something wrong with the eHd output
3 - The ehd output - in my conditions - is really worse than the ff card

Will experiment further, and will let you know when/if I come to any

Thanks and regards



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