On Mon, 2009-06-08 at 21:54 +0200, Georg Acher wrote:
> On Mon, Jun 08, 2009 at 09:40:04PM +0200, Mattia Rossi wrote:
> > The need for time in such a discovery process, at least on my part, is
> > fully understood, I only wish that sometimes the guys from Reel would
> > provide a little more documentation (in english) about how they do some
> > things in the avantgarde, but this is probably what is actually giving
> > the avantgarde the edge over a normal vdr install, so I won't complain.
> Just ask, there are no secrets ;) There's just not enough time to guess what
> will be of interest...

Hi Georg,
sorry if that came out as 'they are hiding something', I was really
thinking more in terms of 'there are so many variables that the best
combination is probably achieved in an environment where the user has
much less control as we have in a custom vdr compiled environment,
without even taking into account the endless combinations of display
devices that people will want to connect to the eHd'

That said, I really really would like a different option than 'don't use
the scaler on the eHd-HDMI output, it's crap', is there a way to change
the scaling algorithm it uses ?

Is there any other setting we can work on regarding the eHd outputs,
even if they are not listed in the reelbox-3 setup ?

For example, I am using the coax digital output on the eHd mini-din,
instead of the pass through HDMI (the HDMI cable goes straight to the
VPR, the coax cable goes to my main amp), I had to change a couple of
lines in the reelbox-3 plugin in order to allow for AC3 to pass through
the digital output. The option was there, it just wasn't compiled in
because of REELBOXLITE ifdefs

What I would like to achieve is decent quality (either scaled or
unscaled) SD MPEG-2 output, and by decent I mean at least at the same
quality of the MPEG-2 output of a FF card without having to use a 2Keuro
deinterlacer. Please note that I'm talking about MPEG processing
quality, not still image quality 

I understand that this is not easy to fine tune because of all the
different variables and because of all the 'not straightforward' test
environments every single vdr user will have set up.

At the moment my vdr 1.7.x install is really basic (vdr, extensions
patch, reelbox3 filebrowser xinemediaplayer and menuorg plugins) and I
am completely satisfied by the stability (both of vdr and of the eHd) ,
I even don't notice the problems with the recordings handling (the
single frame forward in a recording isn't really working, it looks like
it is skipping from i-frame to i-frame (doesnt'do that when going
backwards, it is the opposite behaviour as with the ff card, where
forward skipping works, while backward skipping goes from i_frame to
i-frame ..)

If this is still not technical enough I'll go back to my test machine,
experiment some more, and come back with more detailed questions ...




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