Some questions have come up about how to have a high resolution/color
osd without having to sacrifice the speed of the osd.  VDPAU users
have noticed that when using a high resolution theme in yaepghd, it
can take 5+ seconds for the osd itself to even be displayed.

Per Klaus, VDR's position is this:
"VDR renders its OSD into an array (of 8 bit indexes into a palette right
now, and of full 24(rgb)+8(alpha) bit color values for truecolor)
and its up to the device implementation how it transfers that array (or
parts of it) to the actual display hard- or software."

Some suggestions by Rnissl have been:
-Similar way the eHD handles it
-Allow osd areas to overlap and put such images into separate areas
-Extend the osd api for scroll commands

I thought this was important enough of an issue to post to the mailing
list.  Hopefully those with knowledge on the subject will participate
and a good method can be established.  We're finally getting the
truecolor osd, just have to make sure it's usable and doesn't suffer
from massive slowdown! :)

Please, discuss!


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