On 13.06.2009 17:31, VDR User wrote:
> "VDR renders its OSD into an array (of 8 bit indexes into a palette right
> now, and of full 24(rgb)+8(alpha) bit color values for truecolor)
> and its up to the device implementation how it transfers that array (or
> parts of it) to the actual display hard- or software."

To keep compatibility and to be less limited for a new OSD architecture, 
I would strongly suggest to keep the current OSD as it is, and introduce 
a secondary OSD2 interface for true color display.

 From the performance point of view, would it be possible to directly 
render OSD into the graphics memory instead of copying an (possibly 
1920x1200x32 = 9Mb) memory OSD to the surface?

However, this depends on how close this could be adapted by the 
different platforms. How do eHD and VDPAU handle transparent overlays at 
all? Are they merged with the video in software? Are they overlays that 
get displayed in hardware? Would page flipping be possible?



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