i'm using vdr-1.6.0 with xineliboutput plugin(tried both 1.0.4 and latest
cvs). I'm using a client - server setup with my client pc running vdr-sxfe
When i use the media player within vdr-sxfe to play movies the lenght of the
played movies is not shown correctly.
It always says there are only 10 seconds left to play (even right in the
beginning of a two hour movie). However the movie plays fine.
Additionally or maybe as a consequence to the length problem i can't jump
forward or backword using the color keys.
I can use fast-forward but it often switches back to normal play on its own.

Is this a known problem with xineliboutput (or maybe its related to xine-lib
?) ? Is there a patch/fix for this ? Or am I doing something wrong  ?

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