I'm pleased to announce maintenance release 0.9.3. You can
find it on my homepage as usual:


Excerpt from HISTORY:

2009-06-17: Version 0.9.3

- Updated MANUAL accordingly (e. g. some information about
  xine engine buffer sizes).
- Implemented VDR-1.7.8s cDevice::GetOsdSize() and changed
  cDevice::GetVideoSize() accordingly.
- Implemented video window support while showing an OSD for
  VDPAU to support plugins like yaepghd.
- Clipped settings in setup page to reasonable values while
  editing to prevent rendering an unreadable OSD.
- Introduced separate live TV buffer values for SD and HD video
  as well as audio to allow faster "zapping" on SD channels
  while still having large buffers for HD video.
- Fixed setup page display while changing OSD extent.
- Fixed a memory leak in processing TS still images.
- Fixed a bug in processing TS still images which caused the
  tail of the image to get lost and hence the image not to get
- Updated it_IT.po (thanks to Diego Pierotto for providing the

NOTE: ***** vdr-xine xine-lib interface hasn't changed *****

- it seems to be necessary to restart VDR in order to make
  changes to the OSD extent take effect.
- replaying fast reverse stops at start of recording.

Dipl.-Inform. (FH) Reinhard Nissl

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