Hy experts,

Core2Duo, same on Atom 330, 2GB, all new, OnBoard Intel VGA, same with
ext. nvidia 8400 or 9600 (this is not the problem)
VDR 1.7.8, Technisat Skystart HD2, s2-liplianin, xineliboutput 
Debian 5 2.6.26-2-686 i686
No local frontend, stream only to VLC 0.9.9 on Windows-Vista

After running the VLC client for about 5 to 8 hours the picture freeze
and after restart VLC is runs only seconds. 
If I start vdr from the commandline this happends after the message "now
tuned to source ... transponder ..."
It seems to me that after some hours VDR forgotts that there is a client
that need the channel exclusive.
"now tuned to source ... transponder ..." is not seen after the first
hours running vdr, except I manually change a channel via SVDRP. I have
to restart VDR to get a usable system back for some hours.

Am I right here?

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