Hi Martin,

first of all thanks for your work !
I am using the HVR1900 which has a DVB-T and an analog part purely for
the capturing from analog.
I am using the pvrusb2 driver from kernel 2.6.29.
This version has two configuration options:
- pvrusb2 sysfs support (EXPERIMENTAL)
- pvrusb2 ATSC/DVB support (EXPERIMENTAL)

I am disabling the ATSC/DVB support and I get a /dev/video[0,1,2] 
instead of /dev/dvb/adapter[0,1,2]
You are right that I cannot switch easily between DVB-T and analog, but
I do not have that requirement.

So actually I can confirm that pvrinput and pvrusb2 not only work with
one adapter, but with three - and there seems to be no


Martin Dauskardt wrote:
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>> Subject: Re: [vdr] Analog TV plugin
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>> I suggest you use a card with hardware MPEG encoder and the pvrinput plugin.
>> This works perfectly with a Happauge HVR1900 USB card.
>> Thomas
> Hi Thomas,
> I am one of the developers of the pvrinput plugin and made the changes to 
> support the PVRUSB2. This is the first time somebody confirmed that it also 
> works with their successor. 
> As far as I know you cannot use DVB-T and analogue both at the same time 
> (shared hybrid device). I think vdr will always open the DVB device, so the 
> analogue part would be not accessable. How did you solve it?
> Greets,
> Martin
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