Question to the author of the plugin text2skin. 
Thomas, which version of libstdc + + are you using?
If I write in the *.skin:
<image x="250" y="328" alpha="200" condition="{FrontendHasSignal}"
<image x="250" y="328" alpha="200" condition="{FrontendHasLock}"
then vdr closes with an error like: 

Jul  7 16:37:43 N1 kernel: [  755.040032] Text2Skin: chan[6841]:
segfault at 498c ip b7e8c30e sp ae3f7bf0 error 4 in libstdc[b7df5000+e3000]
Jul  7 17:42:29 N1 kernel: [ 4641.743552] Text2Skin: chan[8793]:
segfault at fc6cc6f0 ip b7dd030e sp acff7bf0 error 5 in libstdc[b7d39000+e3000]

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