Am Samstag, den 11.07.2009, 17:29 +0200 schrieb Carsten Koch:
> Can anyone summarize the differences between xxv and vdradmind?

xxv key benefits are

* easy extendible perl framework
* scaleable to control one or many VDRs, with one interface
* multiple interfaces 
   - HTML over HTTPD,
   - XML over HTTPD,
   - JSON/TXT over HTTPD,
   and as proof of concept
   - WAP (rudimentary functional), 
   - TELNET,
   - SOAP
* many skins (html/xstyle/snow/stone/blue/-_flat/...)
  see also new skin jason as RIA *1)
* Core feature
  - searchable, sortable EPG (Electronic programming guide)
  - view and edit timer, recording, channels, autotimer
  - remote control and monitor video signal
  - integrated live tv streaming (need streamdev plugin)
  - stream recordings 
      over HTTP for internal browser plugins (with start seeking)
      or alternative as playlist over SMB/NFS for external players
  - view list of recordings with preview images
  - adjustable user access level/roles
  - autotimer administrable without dependency to any vdr plugin 
* many nice additional feature, like
  - display own or muggle music database with audio streaming
  - display teletext pages from osdteletext-plugin
  - Community feature as shared data "most programmed EPG events"
  - Media library to manages media like DVDs, VCD, etc. 
  - event system for rss feed, mail notification
  - gathering of system data, display as charts
  - chronicle with collected data about taked recordings
  - add tags or keywords to autotimer, timer, recordings
  - resolv timer conficts, automated move timer between channels 
    or differents VDR

*1) JASON was created as rich internet application, to enhance
usability. e.g. search episodes => select your choices => one click to
program all selected episodes as timers, just a native application.



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