while installing my VDR, I noticed, that I always get a "staircase effect" on 
the terminal, supplied via "-t" switch, as soon as VDR is killed for the first 

I'm using "runvdr-extreme":

In runvdr-extreme, the VDR itself is started in background. This, in detail, 
causes the following (All line numbers for VDR 1.7.8):

- As a background process doesn't have a STDIN, the line, which should store 
the terminal settings to "savedTm" (Line 171 in vdr.c), just does nothing, but 
sets "HasStdin" to "false".
- If a terminal device is supplied using "-t" switch, then STDIN, STDOUT and 
STDERR are connected to it (Line 506 in vdr.c) and "HasStdin" is set to "true".
- Before exit, VDR checks the state of the variable "HasStdin" and resets the 
terminal status to "savedTm" (Line 1314 in vdr.c), saved on start (which is 
undefined, now!)

Suggested fix could be something like this (untested!):

--- vdr.c.org   2009-07-23 15:50:42.217445637 +0200
+++ vdr.c       2009-07-23 15:50:44.545594171 +0200
@@ -503,12 +503,13 @@ int main(int argc, char *argv[])
   else if (Terminal) {
      // Claim new controlling terminal
      stdin  = freopen(Terminal, "r", stdin);
      stdout = freopen(Terminal, "w", stdout);
      stderr = freopen(Terminal, "w", stderr);
+     tcgetattr(STDIN_FILENO, &savedTm);
      HasStdin = true;

A working workaround seems to be to execute VDR in the following way:

vdr -t "$TERMINAL" < "$TERMINAL" &


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