There is a bug in pvrinput which may also effect streamdev. (I know for sure 
that the bug leads to no picture with vdr 1.7.8)

Have a look in reader.c

There is at four places a wrong assignment. Instead of

ts_buffer[1] = (first ? 0x40 : 0x00) || (kVideoPid >> 8);

it has to be bitwise:

ts_buffer[1] = (first ? 0x40 : 0x00) | (kVideoPid >> 8);

@ rob:
You are using the PVR500 with NTSC? Did you need to patch pvrinput? As long as 
the tuner does not support PAL, it should simply return an error and work 
with the default driver setting (NTSC).
I am working on a new pvrinput release and am looking for a NTSC beta tester. 
If you are interested, contact me privately.


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