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> > I've found a big problem: VDR can't use both my DVB cards at once.
> > They're both Hauppauge cards using the saa7146 module (I'm not sure if
> > they both use the budget* modules though), but one is DVB-S and one is
> > DVB-T. I expect it's because they're both based on the same chipset
> > that's confusing VDR. Is there a fix available? I'm using 1.6.0-11 from
> > Debian, patched for Freesat and rebuilt, but I'm willing to try 1.7.* if
> > that's what it takes.
> What does your channels.conf look like?
> Sounds odd - I'm using the saa7146 driver on 2 cards (although both 
> Technotrend) 

I'm not so sure I'm having this problem after all. I just tried watching
a DVB-T channel while recording DVB-S and it worked OK. I definitely
have had problems while trying to watch/record two channels at once, and
that's been going on for some time before I became aware of the problem
with the Freeview EPG. I might have accidentally been selecting two
channels on the same card in vdradmin, although until this EPG problem
made it stop listing the Freeview ones I thought it was reasonably easy
to tell the difference because all the Freeview ones came first,
followed by Freesat, starting with BBC 1 South (and the first 3 channels
being named differently on DVB-S from DVB-T because of their regions is
another helpful clue).

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