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> On Monday 10 Aug 2009, Tony Houghton wrote:
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> > In fact, it isn't just Yesterday, the entire Freeview network has no EPG
> > in VDR. I can tune to the channels though. The DVB-S EPG is present
> > though.
> Are you referring to Freeview, the UHF terrestrial DVB-T service in the UK, 
> or Freesat, the free-to-air satellite service? FreeSAT uses a dedicated 
> transponder to carry the EPG for all channels, and the information is 
> carried using a non-standard coding scheme. There is a patch for Freesat 
> at http://www.rst38.org.uk/vdr/ though I have no idea whether it works.

Freeview is the one I'm having the problem with. I am using the Freesat
patch because I've got both types of card; the Freesat EPG is working,
the Freeview one isn't. I'll have a look at the patch later and confirm
that it adds the Freesat pids rather than replacing the standard ones,
but I'm sure they both used to work together and I haven't changed
anything recently.

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