Andreas Brachold ha scritto:

nice to hear,

Am Dienstag, den 14.04.2009, 19:45 +0200 schrieb Diego Pierotto:
what is necessary to translate this package in italian?

Frist, please look into /locale/README

I'm attach a patch to prepare our locale build system for italian
translation, apply this to source of xxv, for smart success.

then (

$ cd xxv/locale
$ make all
cp: stat »it.po« missing ...
make: [it.po] Error 1 (ignoriert)
it.po: Warning: »CHARSET« ...

now a new empty it.po should present, which editable.
The warning come from missing details at header of file it.po.
And could ignored at this moment.

To enforce rebuild *.mo files, after editing :

$ cd locale
$ make clean
$ make all

I took the de_DE.po file and removed every row translated in german
(wow, more than 1000 rows) and renamed the file it_IT.po.

Thats not necessary, see above of this message.


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Hi Andreas,
i downloaded version 1.4, applied the patch you suggested me and created the italian po file.

Now i'm transalating it but i gotta say it's veeeeery long time necessary :-(

Anyway, after created the mo file i run Xxv but i can't see the italian rows just translated. I set it_IT.UTF8 in xxvd file and it_IT in xxv.cfg file without success.

Can you please help me?


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