My guess would be that since streamdev gives the whole TS to xbmc you can hear audio as long as xbmc knows how to handle it. When doing recordings however the PID filtering of vdr will be used and may omit the (to vdr unknown) audio track. This is just a shot into the dark but you could verify that by running mediainfo or something like that on the vdr file to see if it contains an audio track at all. If not vdr's PID filters would have to be modified to support AAC...

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Alex Fazzari wrote:
I read in the mail I've pasted below that VDR did not support AAC.

Is this still the case?  If so, could this be why I'm not getting
audio in my recordings?  Does anybody know of any patches / tweaks /
changes I could use to enable AAC in VDR.

I don't understand why I get sound with live tv using streamdev,
though given that I don't know the first thing about how the steramdev
plugin works this isn't surprising.

Does anybody

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