My current vdr-1.4.7 (compiled 2 years ago as of tomorrow!) is still
serving me well.. I have a Technotrend FF DVB-C doing all the heavy
lifting, but as time moves on and HD content becomes more prevalent, I'm
thinking of moving up.

Right now I have an EPIA 800MHz quiet PC with the Technotrend giving me
lovely SCART RGB out... if I got a nice LCD TV, what setup would be
ideal for driving the HDMI input?

Most of the content is still SD, and I am a real pedant about smooth
video / interlaced output for scrolling text / live sports. Any time
that I've played with vdr-xine or xineliboutput over my years with VDR,
it's always been a bit juddery due to VGA timing not matching up with
the TV.. is that improved any in the world of HD / HDMI?

Just interested in hearing your thoughts, since I'm sure there are a
dozen different ways to approach this!

I can't possibly afford a reelbox at £1100, so if I'm going to do it,
I'll have to roll my own :)


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