2009/8/16 Goga777 <goga...@bk.ru>:
>> > I'm wondering - does the problem with timing and sync also important and 
>> > for for vdpau nvidia cards ? or that project
>> > is important only for intel and ati ?
>> Now that I think about it, I believe this is what I was really asking
>> about.. is it perhaps that good LCD TVs have so much
>> smoothing/deinterlacing processing circuitry that the interlace timing
>> is less of a problem when provided by VGA or HDMI?
> but to run nvidia geforce 8/9 series cards with "1080i 50Hz" mode is not so 
> easy
> or could you run 1080i mode on vdpau card with good result ?

You can't do it with the composite output (using the nvidia supplied
breakout cables).

You can do it using normal dvi/vga output though, and use a
transcoder, or with a tv supporting rgbhv signalling, or just plain


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