Thomas, i am not sure what this is a bug, but if to write in the section
"channelInfo" (of *.skin) something like 
<text x1="100" x2="350" y1="-254" y2="-234" color="DB_DarkGreen"
align="left" font="Sml">{ChannelSource}</text>
and try to switch the channel using list separators (with keys
left/right) then VDR crashes with "segmentation fault".
At the same time if i change the channels from main list then token
{ChannelSource} works, but displays the satellite name from sources.conf
instead signal source "S36.0E" as it's written in the reference.txt. 
I think the point is that VDR can't simultaneously display token
{ChannelSource} if using sheet list separators. I don't know what i need
to write in this case (not...??? condition =...???).

Casually remarked that if i write token {ChannelID} instead
{ChannelSource} that everything is OK and I see "S36.0E-878-10100-7" (or
"0-0-0-0" if i choose list separators).

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