I have ubuntu installed and all vdr stuff comes from repo. It has worked well but suddenly the remote started to act weird. Most of the time all works well but sometimes it seems like vdr-sxfe or lirc starts to buffer keypresses so that first nothing happens when I push a button on the remote but on the next button push vdr reacts on the first push. So it is like one push behind.

I can fix this by restarting lirc. Most of the times it will not come back on the same night but it may.

I do not recall any installation at the time the problems started. I even tried to do all updates what ubuntu suggested but it had no impact.

Has anyone had similar problems ever? What should I check first? Could not find anything on the logs.

Could I use lirc with vdr (no lirc=/dev/null) instead of vdr-sxfe (without --lirc). I have tried but seems like I can not get vdr to respond to remote. Can it be done this way?


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