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> I should note that even though I did give it a try, I never intended
> to replace VDR with it regardless of the test results.  I am a VDR
> loyalist. :)

I too have tried Myth on a number of occasions and have found it
unwieldy and slow, not sure why its so popular, perhaps because of the
flashier interface.

I currently have an ehd but have also just invested in a nvidia 9400,
to begin fiddling with VDR + XBMC but as usual I never get really
great results from using X11 based output, even with VDPAU and
temporal-spatial de-interlacing. It never seems to be up to the same
quality as a dedicated output card like the eHD, or FF TT card before

That said, I haven't done the XBMC + VDR bit yet, just tried using
vdr-xine and xinelibout which just don't cut it. :-(

Right now I have ehd on one HDMI input for the TV with LIRC remote
control and X11 desktop with XBMC on the other output with mouse
control. Would be nice to eventually have all of it on one output with
just LIRC control for it all, but right now it serves me well with
good quality output and stability.

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