On Sat, 2009-08-22 at 13:54 +0400, Goga777 wrote:

> I have this scheme  vdr with hvr4000 card  ---> rotor  ---->> 4x1 diseqc 
> switch ---> LNB Ku band Linear + LNB Ku
> band Circular + LNB ะก band Circular 
> my diseqc.conf (for Ku circular) is 
> S36.0E 00000 V 10750 t v [E0 10 38 F4] W150 G v t
> S36.0E 99999 V 10750 t v [E0 10 38 F5] W150 G v t
> S36.0E 00000 H 10750 t V [E0 10 38 F6] W150 G V t
> S36.0E 99999 H 10750 t V [E0 10 38 F7] W150 G V t

Does the dish turn? I wonder if the order of G and [E0 10 38 xx] switch
command matters?

Have you enabled diseqc.conf usage from vdr lnb setup menu? You could
set it to no as well to eliminate diseqc.conf for a while to just see if
the dish is moving. I suppose it should because it's not behind the
switch in your setup.


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