On Sat, 2009-08-22 at 14:31 +0300, Seppo Ingalsuo wrote:

> recording.h:66: error: ‘const cEvent* cRecordingInfo::GetEvent() const’
> cannot be overloaded
> recording.h:63: error: with ‘const cEvent* cRecordingInfo::GetEvent()
> const’
> make: *** [channels.o] Error 1

The duplicate due to patching had to be removed from recording.h. Also
there was need to include status.h to videodir.c.

Now xbmc connects to vdr server and gets first radio channels, then tv
channels and then nothing happens. I wonder how long it needs to be
waited. Perhaps wrong/non working patches?

Xmbc without vdr seems to be fine. 


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