On Sun, Aug 23, 2009 at 11:24 PM, Lauri Tischler<l...@iki.fi> wrote:
>>> Did you know that Klaus is giving VDR a new 24bit OSD?  High
>>> resolution/high color will soon be in vanilla VDR, no expensive eHD
>>> card or otherwise required. ;)
>> That's nice but my main problem with vdr is having two televisions + one
>> computer that can be used for TV watching too. HD UI is not the main
>> driver for me.
>> There really should be a proper server/client(s) architecture with vdr.
>> Possible HD UI development for vdr to be useful should be developed to
>> operate as IP streaming client.
> I really do not understand the rage about HD OSD and/or skins.
> VDR is meant for watching TV-programs, like sports, movies, documents,
> and porno, not OSD.

Many of us are using real tv's and not computer monitors for viewing.
And of course many are now doing hdtv.  It's likely you're not a user
of either or both of those.  Certainly an HD OSD isn't required to
watch tv but if you knew how ass ugly it was to see the crappy low-res
8bit OSD on a big high definition tv, you'd understand.  Consider the
HD OSD like having real nice woodgrain trim in your car.  It's not
required to drive but damn sure makes your car look better.

Something else you might not have considered is that it really is
necessary to have a flexible OSD these days when you have tons of
users both with SD & HD...Their display device capable of say
1920x1080 but the current OSD implementation not allowing you the full
resolution when you're tuned to an SD channel.  If you're going to
update it to accommodate current/future needs, why not improve the OSD
as a whole?

There's no law that says VDR has to be stuck in the stone age..  It
really can be slim & trim, stable, and provide users with luxury as

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