On 24/08/2009, Gavin Hamill <g...@acentral.co.uk> wrote:
> Yeh, for separate UIs - independent clients, you'd need a single backend
>  which has the DVB cards, and a series of 'frontend' VDRs (even on the
>  same PC) which each export a UI .. and then use streamdev to shuffle
>  video data. I never trusted streamdev as a reliable plugin for a long
>  time, but it now appears to be quite robust and still under active
>  improvement.
>  Of course sharing recordings / timers adds the usual levels of
>  complexity, but I don't forsee VDR becoming a full client/server
>  architecture any time soon so it's likely the best solution for some
>  time..
>  Cheers,
> Gavin.

So what happens when the main/server machine gets stuck on channel
zapping, when there and you see only a "no channel" display on the
client? Should the recording happen on the server? or on the client
side? how do you restart vdr if you can't see the server's menu?

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