On Mon, 2009-08-24 at 14:26 +0200, Theunis Potgieter wrote:

> So what happens when the main/server machine gets stuck on channel
> zapping, when there and you see only a "no channel" display on the
> client? Should the recording happen on the server? or on the client
> side? how do you restart vdr if you can't see the server's menu?

I didn't say it was either flawless or an ideal approach, but there are
always methods by which to deal with such failure. (e.g. the 'remote'
plugin can listen on a TCP port and give you text OSD via telnet)

IMO, the recordings should always happen on the server. The
xbmc-modified streamdev is now able to playback recordings over its own


The 'clever stuff' is handling clashes of recordings / timers - some
kind of priority system e.g. parents timers override the kids ones.


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