On Mon, Aug 24, 2009 at 3:57 AM, Lauri Tischler<l...@iki.fi> wrote:
> I really wouldnt care less, if the OSD on my Toshiba 42" FullHD looks
> ass ugly, so be it, just about anything, while developing VDR,
> is more important then HD OSD.
> "Real nice woodgrain trim in cars" was used in some 1950's stationwagons. :)

While I would place other things higher on the TODO list
(well-designed server/client capability for example), a nice HD OSD
wouldn't be at the bottom.  I'm glad Klaus took notice of how many
users wanted this.  Keep in mind, that's why VDR even has HD support
now, and probably TS as well because from previous postings he didn't
show much interest since those wern't things he needed.  But it's made
the user base happy!

Overall I'm for anything that improves/enhances VDR, and attracts more
users in.  If that's a fancy OSD or something else, it's all fine by
me.  I stand by my earlier statement that VDR "can be slim & trim,
stable, and provide users with luxury as well" because I think it's
foolish not to believe that.

Some people like peas & carrots, some don't.  ;)

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