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> Yeh, for separate UIs - independent clients, you'd need a single backend
> which has the DVB cards, and a series of 'frontend' VDRs (even on the
> same PC) which each export a UI .. and then use streamdev to shuffle
> video data. I never trusted streamdev as a reliable plugin for a long
> time, but it now appears to be quite robust and still under active
> improvement.

When I tried streamdev it was very unstable.  Granted, that was some
time ago and I certainly hope the plugin has matured dramatically
since then.  However, I don't think that plugin is the best route to
take for server/client.

> Of course sharing recordings / timers adds the usual levels of
> complexity, but I don't forsee VDR becoming a full client/server
> architecture any time soon so it's likely the best solution for some
> time..

The more we have things like the Nvidia Ion platform appearing, the
more important I think it is to add a well-thought out server/client
design into the core of VDR.  For example, right now you can buy
mini-itx Ion systems that offer a great solution as an HTPC that
supports HD all in a very small footprint.  This is just what the
doctor ordered..  A small low power but fully capable media pc you can
easily hide or attach to the back of your tv.  Or your 19" LCD if you
prefer.  But what do you do with all the pci dvb cards?  Or even usb
dvb devices?  That little pc can handle most (if not all) of your
needs with the exception of one major drawback...  The small size
comes by sacrificing things like pci slots & case space.

If there wasn't a need for server/client, mythtv wouldn't be so
popular.  It's one of the top features it offers, and reason enough
for users who have abandoned VDR in favor of it.  Unfortunately I
agree that we won't see this type of change to VDR any time soon.  I
know Klaus isn't exactly thrilled about the idea and afaik doesn't
intended to address this need any time soon, or possibly ever.  A lot
of people thought VDR would never see support for HDTV either and look
how quickly that was implemented once the decision was made to do it.
Maybe there's hope! ;)

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