Hello all

I have a question about the epg information in vdr.

digitenne does a good job with epg info. They deliver two weeks epg but i
have one problem.
They probably don't send genre information.

I use xbmc svn tree pvr-testing. This is still work in progress but it
works great.

The pvr client does patch streamdev for stuff like teletext which works ok.

The problem i have is when showing the epg guide which fetches the info
from the epg.data file from vdr. The epg.data file contains the folowing:
E 70 1251180000 600 50 10
T NOS Journaal met gebarentolk
S Serie.

XBMC can show genre in colors and probably in the future you can select a
specific genre but now the genre information is not available(probably not
in the stream).
So i thought using xmltv2vdr which can extend the already known data. The
xml file i get contains the folowing
  <programme start="20090823110500 +0200" stop="20090823120000 +0200"
channel="25" >
    <title lang="nl">True life</title>
    <desc lang="nl">Reportageserie met opmerkelijke real-life verhalen
over jonge mensen en de subculturen waartoe zij behoren.</desc>
What for me is important is the peace category which contains the genre

So i tried to import that data with the xmltv2vdr script which you can
download from the vdr site.

When i run the script with the modified channels.conf and the xml file it
puts the new data in the epg data file but not the genre information.

So i tried to do it manualy with telnet and added the genre info like this:

telnet localhost 2001
C T-8720-2212-25 Animal Planet;Digitenne
E 10140 1251016200 1800 0
T Wildlife SOS
D Reportageserie Geen detailgegevens beschikbaar.
G Sports (Genre)
But i get an error 451 Error while processing EPG data

Is there a possibility to add the G parameter or is it something else?

I'm not a real programmer but i'm familiar with linux for about ten years
so thats not a problem.

Can someone shed some light?
I'm out of ideas ;(

Will try the latest version also tomorrow.

With kind regards


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