John Robinson schrieb:

> Hi everyone.  I've just joined this list and am totally blind.  I can
> listen to Freeview TV and radio channels through my Nebula Electronics
> USB receiver and VDR, but would like to receive audio description as
> well.  I've heard that VDR can do this, but I haven't been able to find
> any information on how to set it up.  If anyone could advise me, I'd
> very much appreciate it.

I can only speak of the German TV channel "Bayerisches
Fernsehen". They provide an additional audio track called "Audio
description". For certain events e. g. most movies, this track
provides audio description while it provides standard audio the
other time, just like the other audio tracks do.

To choose a different audio track, just open VDR's audio track
menu and select a different track. I cannot tell how you can do
that in your setup, but there exists a certain key to open it.

Pressing the key again while the menu is open cycles to the next
track. The menu disappears automatically after some seconds of

Some other stations chose a different method to broadcast a pair
of mono audio tracks as a single stereo audio track. I cannot
tell if your setup supports this, but if you open VDR's audio
menu and press the button to navigate left or right, you select
either the left or the right track of the stereo channel and
hence one of the two mono tracks.

In case you selected for example the left mono track, navigating
to the right brings you back to stereo and a further move chooses
the right track.

Besides mono and stereo audio tracks, there exist surround sound
tracks. I cannot tell whether your setup supports replaying
surround sound or is at least able to transform it into stereo,
but for such tracks, selecting among the individual mono tracks
is not supported.

Dipl.-Inform. (FH) Reinhard Nissl

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