Hello all,

I'm a bit lost when I wonder how can I use my two dishes (one motorized) in
my vdr server at same time.
Right now I'm using an static dish to astra but I want to add the motorized
one (currently connected to a decoder) to the installation.
I have a 1.6 vdr server with 4 tuners (2 dvb-s, 2 dvb-t) serving to three
media mvp clients.

Sorry if the following question is an offtopic, but I need to resolve it. I
understand that the physical installation only requires a diseqc between the
dishes and the vdr tuners. Is this correct?

For the software, which plugins or patches have I to use? I have seen the
rotor plugin and the gotox patch, but I don't know if they are up to date
and usable with 1.6.

Anyone can me point me on that?

Thank you very much.

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