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>> I'm not sure why you think vdpau is stupid if you want an HD stb.
>> Using vdpau gives you the ability to have HD on systems that normally
>> wouldn't have a chance at all, and it provides this at a very lost
>> cost.  The cheapest I've paid so far is $20 ($30-$10 MIR) for an
>> 8400GS pci-e.  So for a mere $30 on average, your old system that
>> couldn't handle HD now can.  Stupid is the last thing I would describe
>> that as.
> Hm, I'd be happy to pay $150-200 for a hardware output card, similar to
> the good old FF technotrend cards, if it could save me hours of messing
> around with SVN bleeding edge code and trying to run exotic deinterlace
> filters :)

I think there's a misconception about using vdpau.  While there are a
small few who have problems (as is the case with any
software/hardware), most users are able to get vdpau working with
little or no hassle at all.  For me it takes <1min to download
xine-vdpau, 7 minutes to compile it, <1min to download xine-ui cvs,
<1min to compile it.  Nvidia drivers take about 2mins to download and
<1min to install.  Less then 15 minutes _no patching_ is all it takes.
 Actually there is one patch come to think of it since I use xine-lib
1.1 instead of 1.2, it's xine-0.9.3/patches/xine-lib.patch...  In any
case it's never taken hours of time.  Been really straight forward and
simple for the most part.

When I bought my first nexus-s, I bought it for the exact reason you
mentioned.  Wanted a simple fast solution that didn't involve much (or
any) work on the linux side since I'd never used linux before.  And at
the time a nexus was also cheaper then building a new pc.  However,
those days are gone.  You're willing to pay $150-$200 for a dedicated
card that does only one thing.  I recently paid $130 total for an
Nvidia Ion system that will become my completely silent and fanless
main HDTV VDR box that's about the size of a Nintendo Wii.  That's
where the market is going.  You'll see less and less dedicated cards
(especially FF DVB cards) because the cost to produce them is too high
and the market for such a product too small.  There's no profit to be
made.  That's a conversation for a different thread however. ;)

> I think that's what Lauri is getting at - the statement 'vdpau is
> stupid' is perhaps a little inflammatory, but there must be more
> time-efficient ways (other than the eHD card which is now hard to
> obtain)

It sounds like the eHD is the most expensive solution in all areas;
time, money, patching, etc.  Whereas, vdpau seems to be at the other
end of the spectrum being the least expensive, easiest, and so on.

I've got 3 boxes running vdpau, all with different hardware and my
experience has been the same with each setup.. It was a piece of cake
and took almost no time to get going.  Now I guess it's the guy who
had a horrible experience turn to tell his story. ;)


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