Hi all
I am having some problems with jumping using yellow/blue and 1/3 buttons. Not always but almost the picture stops after jump. Its not on pause because pushing play does nothing. Using fast forward gets video playing again and then pushing play resumes playback. There is nothing in the logs that would tell me what the problem might be. Or at least I can't find anything.

I have ubuntu and vdr installed from packages.
vdr -V gives:
vdr (1.6.0-2/1.6.0) - The Video Disk Recorder
extrecmenu (1.1) - Extended recordings menu
streamdev-server (0.3.4) - VDR Streaming Server
skinsoppalusikka (1.6.4) - Soppalusikka skin
conflictcheckonly (0.0.1) - Direct access to epgsearch's conflict check menu
epgsearch (0.9.24) - search the EPG for repeats and more
iptv (0.2.5) - Experience the IPTV
menuorg (0.4.4) - Reorganizes the main menu
burn (0.1.0-pre22) - Versatile convert-and-burn plugin
pvrinput (2008-10-04) - use Hauppauge PVR as input device
vompserver (0.3.0) - VDR on MVP plugin by Chris Tallon
quickepgsearch (0.0.1) - Quick search for broadcasts
undelete (0.0.6) - undelete for recordings
xineliboutput (1.0.4) - X11/xine-lib output plugin
epgsearchonly (0.0.1) - Direct access to epgsearch's search menu
ttxtsubs (0.0.9) - Teletext subtitles
weatherng (0.0.7-pre2) - Weather.com: Weather forecast
osdteletext (0.8.1) - Displays teletext on the OSD

I use vdr-sxfe for playback as a remote client on the same host.

I tried regenerating index file with genindex with no change.

How do I fix this?


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