> Hi list!
> lirc starting from version 0.8.6, does use the socket /var/run/lirc/lircd 
> instead of /dev/lircd, so all apps not using liblirc_client need to be 
> changed. Else IR will not work in VDR.
> There are two possibilities:
> 1. Shell code to check which of the two sockets do exist and adding relevant 
> command-line-parameter to vdr (--lirc=/var/run/lirc/lircd).
> 2. Patching VDR to check both pathes and using the existing one.
3. Change lirc to use /dev/lircd
In gen2vdr ( =gentoo ) I set:
LIRCD_OPTS="-o /dev/lircd"

in /etc/conf.d/lircd :)

Helmut Auer, hel...@helmutauer.de

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