Hello all,

Unfortunately I'll have to abandon my race to DVB-S(2) transmissions since
there is not much valuable content in my area (and not planned as well).

I think how to continue the project with analog capturing cards connected to
my cable settop boxes controller by IR blasters.
Since my cable provider HD content is not planned for more than 1080i,
component capture card might be enough for that.

I'm thinking about a server - multi-client configuration while the server
will be connected to few settop boxes and stream the content to the clients
in real-time.

Anyone have experience with such installation?

Is VDR capable of doing that?
Not a politically-correct question: maybe there are other programs that are
capable of doing that? (I preffer not to use MythTv, I don't like it, maybe
What capturing cards you'd advice?
Are those capturing cards well supported in Linux? PCI-e cards are
How's the quality of the recordings and real-time streaming?

Will really appreciate any answer.

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