Hi there,

I just published new releases of the plugins remoteosd and svdrposd (formerly
svdrpext) on http://vdr.schmirler.de. The most important changes are the
overdue gettext support for remoteosd and a major speedup of the remote menu
in combination with the new svdrposd plugin.

The remoteosd plugin provides access to the menu of an other VDR. Remoteosd
relies on the svdrpservice plugin, which is also available from my website.

I renamed the svdrpext plugin to svdrposd. The plugin publishes the textual
contents of the OSD menu on SVDRP. In order to access the menu of a remote VDR
using the remoteosd plugin, svdrposd or its successor svdrpext must be
installed on the remote VDR.

Changelog remoteosd:
- if available, use svdrposd-plugin instead of svdrpext-plugin
- added gettext support (thanks to Diego Pierotto)
  Credits to Udo Richter for his po218n.pl backward compatibility script
- added Italian translation (thanks to Diego Pierotto)
- log error if svdrpservice or svdrpext/svdrposd are not installed
- replaced all occurences of asprintf
- fixed not parsing replace mainmenu settings

Changelog svdrposd:
- renamed plugin from svdrpext to svdrposd
- new command LSTO
- number of items parameter to OSDI is now optional
- improved selection of current item if multiple items have the same text
- fixed memleak; no longer relying on OsdClear() being called before
  assigning new values
- code cleanup

Have fun!


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