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> Ämne: [vdr] Switching from MythTV to VDR
> Hi,
> I'm looking for some pointers on VDR coming from a MythTV history. I'm
> happy with most of the MythTV features but not the stability or the
> playback image quality, I've been using MythTV as my only TV recorder
> for some years.
> I got around the image quality issues by using a PS3 for playback and
> have monit restarting mythtv-backend or mysql for me when it falls over.
> I have a vdr 1.7.8 on Ubuntu system running to try out, a long term
> vdr user German friend helped me get started with vdr as I found lots
> of things only really discussed or documented in German, I got past
> that and learned a little German, I now seem to be able to find most
> things but not all....
> These are my questions and my friend does not know and cannot find me
> solutions, googling hasn't given me any answers and I've been reading
> this list for some time too.
> I don't have a full featured card, I tried to buy one at first but
> they don't seem to exist any more, I have a HVR4000 in my test PC, oh
> and I'm not really very interested in SDTV or analog TV, only HDTV. I
> am in the UK but have a system looking at 28E, 19E and 13E as well as
> local DVBT. The PC has an Nvidia 9400gt so VDPAU is possible, I have
> tried it through MythTV and standalone mplayer but I'm not very
> impressed with the image quality, I'll stick with the PS3 for now.
> Good stuff is mature DVBS2 support, bomb proof stability, sky and
> freesat epg, sc, vdr-admin, static network protocol, live streaming.
> In general I find that if vdr has a feature, it works really well.
> My problems, not many but they are stoppers.
> No ITVHD, I tried the fixed pid and turn off updates workaround but it
> didn't work for me, not so important as I suspect red button ITVHD
> will be history in a couple of months, not like I'd be missing many
> programmes anyway!
> no uPnP
> Ok have fixed this by running mediatomb pointed at the media
> directory, performance is great (better than MythTV's built in uPnP)
> but vdr's naming convention and file splitting makes this a mess. I
> was pointed to the max file size setting but this is only 2GB as a max
> or is it 4GB, either way even a 1 hour HDTV show on a low bitrate
> channel has several files.
> I get a very very long list of files all called 00001 00002 etc. to
> navigate through! Ok there's useful switches to make the directories
> more meaningful but that means a lot of digging through the file
> structure from the PS3 menu, not ideal.
> Timers, I'm used to MythTV's record programme "XXX" on any channel at
> any time flexibility which follows programme reschedules, new series
> starting without me knowing, all kinds of good stuff that I now take
> for granted. vdr seems to set the timer for a channel and a time like
> an ordinary PVR or VCR with EPG. If there's a plugin that takes this
> up a level I'm struggling to find it in English or German, please
> point me in the right direction.
> As an example I tried to record 3 minute wonder on CH4HD, it's a
> filler programme so on at all kinds of times, got the first one then
> who knows what that was on at the same time from then on.
> I really like the simplicity and robustness of vdr compared to the
> sprawling disjointed MythTV, I'm hoping I've missed a few tricks along
> the way or the things that cause me hassle are simple enough for me to
> patch, if pushed in the right direction.
> Any advice greatly appreciated.
> Andre
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Have you tried the epgsearch plugin? It's an absolute must have. I have
tried Myth also but find VDR more "understandable" and easier to maintain.
/Magnus H

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