When changing channels with vdr-sxfe (remote client on same computer),
I get some judder. Playback starts quite quickly at channel change,
but then there's a freeze of both audio and video for about half a
second before it starts again. Any idea what the problem can be?

Relevant .xine/config_xineliboutput;

engine.buffers.video_num_buffers:500 (tried 250, no difference)
engine.buffers.video_num_frames:15  (tred 30, no difference)
engine.buffers.audio_num_buffers is not set, so should use default 230 (?)

vdr-sxfe is run as

vdr-sxfe --video vdpau --audio oss --verbose --aspect 16:9
--fullscreen --post tvtime:method=use_vo_driver xvdr://

The xinelibplugin is configured as

-P"xineliboutput --local=none --remote=37890"

I don't use local playback as it doesn't support all the configuration
options that I use for vdpau. Material is mostly 576i.


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