On 28.10.2009 09:01, Andreas Mair wrote:
I wonder why no other plugin authors shared there opinion and how they
fix it. As I understand it every plugin must be changed whenever VDR
introduces changes in that area and if the VDR compiling user doesn't
use (and adopt)  Make.config.

I guess this one got lost in the summer break...

My preferred solution to this would be if all plugins would include some global configuration into their makefiles for setting global default parameters for VDR and plugins. The best order would be to call such a Make.global before calling an existing Make.config, so that Make.config can still override these rules.

Until then, the only way is to add some version dependent defines before calling Make.config.

By the way: The current newplugin script also doesn't add largefile defines in case that no Make.config exists.



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